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Friday, October 12, 2007

Flash back from w800 to K750 (R1CA021)

Flash back to K750 (R1CA021)

On popular demand, here is a tutorial to flash back to K750 R1CA021.
This tutorial will help users of K750toW800 R1BC002 OR K750 (Any Firmware) to flash their phone to the best known firmware released on k750 till date …R1CA021.

Files you will need:
1) XS++, download from here: USB flash drivers, (for those who r new to flashing): Firmware files (K750 CID49):FS:
Firmware files for CID36 are also available at
Backup all your contacts, data, etc etc….
Unpack all the downloaded files.

STEP1: Installing USB flash…
If ur flashing for the first time, then u will need to install these… Refer to this for instructions.

STEP2: Flashing FS.Turn off fone and remove sim. Replace battery. Now Open XS++ and connect fone after hitting START as instructed on the left side screen. Check the Flash FilesSytem Tab. Browse and select the files ‘K750_R1CA021_FS_EMEA_6_RED49.fbn’ that u downloaded and unpacked. Now hit flash. After completion, unplug fone, re-insert battery to refresh, and restart XS++.

STEP3: Customizing FS.Again connect fone to XS++ the same way as before. This time check Customize FileSystem . Use the settings: Phone… K750, CDA… 102337/103 EMEA6. now hit FLASH and follow the instructions on the left side screen. Keep your eyes fixed to the left-side screen as it requires plugging and unplugging your phone multiple times within seconds gap! After you’r done, nplug fone and re-insert battery after ur done. Restart XS++.

STEP4: Flashing MAIN.Connect fone to XS++. This time, check Flash Main, browse and select file ‘K750_R1CA021_MAIN_EU_1_CL_RED49.mbn’ that u downloaded. Now hit flash. After completion of the process, unplug fone and close XS++.
Insert SIM and start fone. You are back to K750 R1CA021!!! Congratulations!!!

and all the programmers at

Covert i.e Flash k750 into w800

Tutorial:Flash K750(Cid36&49) to W800

and all the programmers at

Convert (Flash) K750i into w800i
You got your K750 the other day and you were damn satisfied with the gizmo… but the story does not end here. It seems Sony didn’t ship this set with some more features that its hardware can support… The company fooled the customers by changing the K750 casing to Orange-White and named it W800i…In short, the K750 and W800 have the EXACT same motherboard… which made some nut cases out there to try out some dirty tricks!!! And the results were fruitful… K750 can easily be flashed to W800!!! The only barrier that separated K750 from a W800 was the software and that has been broken!!!!
Now… as I promised my friends, here is a step-by step easy guide to flashing your K750 to W800!

W800 firmware is encrypted as CID36. K750 is available in 2 encryptions … CID36 and CID49. Older K750s (7-8 months old) came with CID36. If your phone is new, it has to be CID49. You will find out your CID number in the tutorial itself so don’t worry about that. Just follow the instructions…
CID36 K750s can be directly flashed to W800. For CID49 K750s, we need to first convert the W800 CID36 firmware to CID49 and then flash. Things will become clearer in the tutorial itself, so no need to panic at this point!
Before flashing, back up all your data, contacts etc. etc. because your phone will be completely wiped out in the process.
Remove SIM and memory card for the entire procedure.
During flashing process, avoid touching your PC or phone or USB cable. Do not take your eyes off the screen during the entire procedure.
Do not let your phone turn ON at any point of time. Flashing takes place only when phone is switched OFF!!!!

Flash your phone in the exact same order as I have given. i.e1) Flash FS2) Customize FS3) Flash MAINReason being XS++ has a bug and flashing works this way only.
The entire process may take between 15 minutes to half- hour.
Now, I have packaged all the necessary softwares and tools that we require into one!!!
Download the whole package from here:
Unpack the rar file using WinRAR.
The package includes:
XS++: This program is used to flash you phone’s firmware!!! This also lets you check your CID number!!!
Gslide: This program converts W800 CID36 firmware to CID49, to make the firmware compatible to K750 CID49 phones. CID36 users need not use this.
W800 Firmware: Your Main and File System files. Lets say these are your W800s operating system files!!!
USB Flash Driver: The driver you need to enable your phone for flashing through USB cable. Note that these drivers are NOT the same ones you get on K750 PC suite CD!
Now we are ready to flash!If your phone gets fucked up, then its not my fault! Although this process is 100% safe, but I know there are a few dumbasses out there who would want to go overboard with this. So my advice to you is do not, at any point, deviate from the instructions… just follow everything blindly. DO NOT ASK SILLY QUESTIONS.
If you have flashed before, or have used the Sony Ericsson Update Service sometime earlier, then your flash drivers may be installed so you can skip STEP1. For people who are new to flashing, this is a must!

STEP1: Installing USB Flash Driver.
Turn off your phone. Remove SIM and memory card, and re-insert battery. Do not turn ON.Inside K750toW800 folder, goto XS++ folder and open the program. now click START. While pressing and holding the ‘c’ button on your fone’s keypad, insert USB cable. Windows will detect a new hardware and ‘Install new hardware’ wizard pops up. Release the ‘c’ button. In the wizard, click ‘no, not at this time’ and next. Choose to install from a specified location and click next. Under ‘search for the best drivers to install’, check ‘include this location in the search’. Under ‘browse’, choose the path to the unpacked folder you downloaded and select the folder USB Flash Driver. Now click next and let the windows install the driver.After installing the driver, close XS++ and disconnect phone and turn it off in case it has switched on. Remove battery for 2 seconds and re-insert it (to refresh your phone).Now your phone is ready to be flashed. But first let us check your CID number.
Again open XS++, click START, and insert cable while pressing ‘c’ the same way as before. Your fone gets detected and on the left side of the screen, you get the detailed info of your phone including the EROM CID number.
If you have CID 36, then skip STEP2 and go directly to STEP3. Do not close XS++ or unplug your fone.

Now, you know you have a CID49. So our job is to convert the CID36 firmware to CID49.Open Gslide. for flashfile, click ‘…’ and select the file named ‘W800_R1BC002_MAIN_EU_EMEA.bin’ inside the W800 Firmware folder.Inside ‘output’ type in the path… C:\MAINFLASH.binNow click ‘Process’. After sliding process is completed, again click ‘…’ for flashfile and select file ‘W800_R1BC002_FS_EMEA6.bin’ inside the same folder. Under output type in C:\FSFLASH.bin and hit process. Close the whole program after sliding completes.
Now you have generated 2 files in C:\ drive using Gslide. MAINFLASH.bin and FSFLASH.bin

STEP3: Flashing FS.
For CID36: Your phone is already detected by XS++. Under Select Firmware, check Flash File System, and then click ’…’ , now select the file ‘W800_R1BC002_FS_EMEA6.bin’ inside W800 Firmware folder. Hit flash… the flashing process is now initiated. After completion of 291 blocks, it will say either ‘done flashing’ or hang at ‘finishing flash’. Don’t worry about it. Close the program and unplug phone. Again take-out and reinsert battery to refresh. Goto STEP4.

For CID49: Inside XS++, Under Select Firmware, check Flash File System, and then click ’…’ , now select the file ‘FSFLASH.bin’ in the C:\ drive which we generated from Gslide. Hit flash to start flashing process. After completion of 291 blocks, it will say either ‘done flashing’ or hang at ‘finishing flash’. Don’t worry about it. Close the program and unplug phone. Again take-out and reinsert battery to refresh.

STEP4: Customizing FS.
Common for CID36 and CID49: Again open XS++ and connect the phone same way as we did before. Now check Customize File System and then select phone model ‘W800’, select CDA and region ‘EMEA_6(CDA102430/6)’. Hit Flash. It will ask you whether you want to use ‘breakin’ or ‘brute-force’. Click ‘yes’ for breakin and strictly follow instructions on the left side of the screen. It will ask you to connect and re-connect phone 2-3 times by press and hold ‘c’ method. Do not panic at any point here, just follow the instructions carefully on the left. At the point when it says ‘FS activation’, wait for 3 minutes. After completion, close XS++ and unplug fone. Refresh by re-inserting battery.

STEP5: Flashing MAIN.
For CID36: Open XS++ and again connect your phone the same way. Under Select Firmware, check Flash Main, and then click ’…’ , now select the file ‘W800_R1BC002_MAIN_EU_EMEA.bin’ inside W800 Firmware folder. Hit flash… the flashing process is now initiated. After completion of 291 blocks, it will say either ‘done flashing’ or hang at ‘finishing flash’. Unplug your phone and close XS++.
For CID49: Open XS++ and again connect your phone the same way. Under Select Firmware, check Flash Main, and then click ’…’ , now select the file ‘MAINFLASH.bin’ in the C:\ drive which we generated from Gslide. Hit flash… the flashing process is now initiated. After completion of 291 blocks, it will say either ‘done flashing’ or hang at ‘finishing flash’. Unplug your phone and close XS++.

Now, insert your SIM and memory card and turn on the phone, wait for sometime as the phone takes time loading from a brand new firmware.
KABOOM!!! You have a brand new W800!!! Enjoy the cool new WALKMAN startup!

Access CID49 Filesystem

Now you can access your filesystem on your CID49!!! That means you can customize your fone manually, change drivers, modify the look of your menus and God knows what not!!! Heres how…
Download the FAR manager with pre-installed CID49 plugin here….
Unpack the folder.
As an example, I will show you how to change the speaker sound driver and camera driver for your mobile. Download the new drivers from here….
Copy the new drivers folder in to the FAR manager folder.
The above package includes Super loud speaker driver and Camera driver 7.7 final.

1) Firstly, we need to patch our MAIN firmware to make it compatible with FAR plugin. For this remove SIM and connect your phone with XS++ (or any other flashing program that you use), and check to flash MAIN. Click ‘…’ and browse to the FAR folder and then to Plugins folder. Select the file according to your phone model, in my case, ‘k750w800_r2e_dcu.49r.ssw’ (for K750/W800/W700 CID49) . Now hit flash . 5 flashblocks will be loaded in 5 seconds!!!). Now our MAIN is patched.

2) Close XS++, unplug fone and re-insert battery to refresh. Now open FAR manager program. Press F11 and then select SEFP plugin. in the following screen select… Device:DCU60, Speed: 921600 Boot Script: According to fone model (k750_w800_CID49 in my case). Impatient souls would select k750_w800_CID36 by mistake… so watch out!!! Hehe… Now Enter The MATRIX!!!Connect your fone as we do in flashing… your fone should get detected. after a few seconds, a screen will show you two folders, FLASH and FS.Note that the window is divided into two… the left side represents your phone contents. The right side represents your hard drive contents… currently inside FAR manager folder.

3) Now double click on FS and wait for a couple of minutes till it breaks into your FileSytem. Now you are inside the den!!! All files that govern your fone’s functionality are right before your eyes!!! Before we copy new drivers into your fone, u must create a backup folder for your original drivers (in case you need them). So on the right side (harddrive) of your screen, click anywhere and press F7 to create a new folder. Name it as ‘backup’. On the left side (fone FS) open the folder, ifs>settings>camera… you will see a file named camdriver0.dat. this is your camera driver!!! Click and drag this driver to the backup folder. now, to delete the original driver from fone’s FS, select it and click delete (bottom right of screen) or simply press F8. now goto the ‘new drivers’ folder on hard-drive and drag the file named camdriver0.dat into camera folder on the left, where we had the older file. We have successfully changed the camera driver. Now goto ifs>settings>acoustic. You will find a number of files there. Search for ‘farfield_play.apf’. again, drag this file to backup folder and delete the original from fone. Now drag and drop farfield_play.apf inside the new drivers folder into the fone. We are done with changing the drivers!!!

4) Now, that we are finished with our operations, we need to shutdown the loader. For this keep on clicking ‘..’ (root of folder) until it asks you to shutdown CSFS loader. Click yes and close FAR manager, and unplug fone. Reinsert battery to refresh.

5) The final step is to un-patch the MAIN firmware. Again, open FAR manager program, and connect fone, the same way as before. This time goto FLASH instead of FS. Now your inside FLASH. On the left side, you are in FAR manager folder. goto Plugins folder and then to REST. You see a number of files… with prefix ‘REST_’ followed by your fone’s firmware version. Select the appropriate file of your MAIN firmware (I have a k750 flashed to w800 r1bc002 main so REST_W800_R1BC002 in my case) and drag it to anywhere on the left side. Hit flash. Close FAR manager and unplug your fone. The job is done!!!
Insert SIM and turn on your fone and see the difference for yourselves…
The speaker (not headsets) volume while playing songs on media player is way 2 louder!!! People around you will envy you… especially the TOKIA users.Also note that in the new camera driver, frames per seconds (fps) in viewfinder has increased and autofocus is superfast!!!
Enjoy the new experience…

Mobile rar

MobileRar(MobileRar 0.8)
DiscriptionMobileRar unpacks Rar, 7z, Zip files
Unpacks Rar archives version 2.9- and Zip files of any size.
It unpacks Rar files version 2.9 + which met one of the conditions:1. The unpacked file inside the archive exceeds the size of the phone(1 Mb to x65-75, 0.5 MB for SE750, 0.25 MB and less for other models).2. The total size of the unpacked files within continuous backup (solid) exceeds the amount the phone (as solid backup in fact a single file).3. Archive compressed maximum compression method.4. In some cases, not unpacks exe and dll files compressed with the filter.
It unpacks 7zip archives if:1. The total size of the unpacked files within the archive exceeds the size of the phone.2. Used not LZMA compression method.3. In some cases, not unpacks exe files (since mere is no filter x86).

FTP BT download


DiscriptionControlling mobile phone and reading its informations (phonebook, SMS..) via AT commands. Can Control Any Mobile Via Bluetooth.Read SMSPhone BookCall any numberSend any Key PressMake Calls...
To connect via infraport add this address comm:ir0;baudrate=59600

Opera mini 3 download

Opera Mini 3(Opera Mini 3.1.8295)
DiscriptionOpera Mini™ simply offers user-friendly access to all Web pages to nearly all mobile phones. It has all the features expected of a browser, and more, such as content download, bookmarks, skins, multi-search and smooth scrolling. In addition, Opera Mini recognizes your phone's capabilities and optimizes Web pages accordingly for fast and easy browsing.

MOby Explorer 3 Download

Moby Explorer 3(Moby Explorer 3)Download
Discription* Powerful File Manager with features like Copy/Paste, Rename, Delete, Create Directory, View File Properties, Write Protection of files, Hidden Files* FTP Client with features equivalent of a FTP client on Desktop computers.* File Encryption utility to easily secure your sensitive files using military strength Twofish encryption.* Text Editor which can be used to view and edit text files both locally on the phone and remotely on a FTP server.* Write and view completely secure notes using the built-in text editor which is integrated with the encryption engine.* File Compression utility to save discspace and bandwidth using the GZip/GUnzip tool.* Edit your website using the built in text editor, and then deploy it using the FTP client.* Multiple file management for all the file management features (including the Encryption and GZip features).* MobyExplorer is signed using a Thawte certificate which means no more annoying security prompts when accessing the local file system.

Delete SE web links

8. Delete SE Web links in user folders

Sony Ericsson or your operator install links at the top of every folder in your phone?s file system to websites with their content. These are pretty useless to most of us, and serve only to clutter up access to our files. The links are stored in two locations within the file system.Firstly, as xml files in folders within /tpa/preset/system/custmenu. For example the folder GAMES_HOOK_1 might contain an xml file pointing to the operator?s game download page, as well as an image used as the icon.Secondly, the links are cached in the files cust_menu_data.dat and cust_menu_done_unpacking.dat that sit in /tpa/preset/system/custmenu.
To get rid of an operator link, you need to delete the folder in custmenu for the relevant link, then delete the files cust_menu_data.dat and cust_menu_done_unpacking.dat.

Change startup n shutdown sounds n images

Change Startup and Shutdown sounds and Images

Startup and shutdown images and sounds are located in various locations. To change, simple delete the existing file, and copy in your file with the same name. Here are the various names, file sizes, formats and locations:
Boot image: SPLASH in /tpa/preset/system/settings/This is the 176x220 pixel image displayed at boot up, called the Splash Screen. Can be in gif, bmp or png format. Animation not supported.
Startup Image: STARTUP_IMAGE_SEMC in /tpa/preset/system/settings/This is the 176x220 pixel image shown after the Splash screen. This image can be chosen by the user in settings/display/start-up screen so you don?t need internal file system access to change this image.
Shutdown Image: SHUTDOWN_IMAGE_SEMC in /tpa/preset/system/settings/This is the 176x220 pixel image that is shown when the phone is shutting down. Can be in gif, bmp or png format. Animation is supported, but total number of frames should be kept low, and gif should not be set to repeat animation, as this will slow down the shutdown.
Startup Sound: STARTUP_SOUND_SEMC.mid or STARTUP_SOUND_SEMC.mp3 in /tpa/preset/system/settings/This is the sound that plays when the phone starts up.
Shutdown Sound: SHUTDOWN_SOUND_SEMC.mid or SHUTDOWN_SOUND_SEMC.mp3 in /tpa/preset/system/settings/This is the sound that plays when the phone is shutting down.

Change system sounds

6. Change System sounds

The various system sounds are stored at /tpa/preset/system/sound. If you replace them with your own versions you can change the sound the phone makes for a given system sound. For example you can replace the noisy lowbattery.mid with something more subtle.
Replacement sounds should have the same name and audio format (mid, mp3, amr) as the original, and be about the same length.
To replace a system sound, delete the existing sound from /tpa/preset/system/sound and copy in your own version.

Deleting Pre-installed stuff

Deleting Pre-Installed Content and Games

You cannot delete the pre-installed content from the handset itself, but with access to the internal file system you can delete ANY pre-installed content you want. Simply browse to the folder where the preset content is stored and delete it.
Here are the folder locations for the various pre-installed content:
Games: /tpa/preset/system/ams.Games: /tpa/preset/default/javaSounds: /tpa/user/audioSounds: /tpa/preset/default/audioImages: /tpa/user/imageImages: /tpa/preset/default/imageThemes: /tpa/user/themeThemes: /tpa/preset/default/themeVideo: /tpa/user/videoFrames: /tpa/preset/system/multimedia/pe/framesFrames: /tpa/preset/system/multimedia/pe/funlayerClipart: /tpa/preset/system/multimedia/pe/clipart

Deleting Pre-installed stuff

Deleting Pre-Installed Content and Games

You cannot delete the pre-installed content from the handset itself, but with access to the internal file system you can delete ANY pre-installed content you want. Simply browse to the folder where the preset content is stored and delete it.
Here are the folder locations for the various pre-installed content:
Games: /tpa/preset/system/ams.Games: /tpa/preset/default/javaSounds: /tpa/user/audioSounds: /tpa/preset/default/audioImages: /tpa/user/imageImages: /tpa/preset/default/imageThemes: /tpa/user/themeThemes: /tpa/preset/default/themeVideo: /tpa/user/videoFrames: /tpa/preset/system/multimedia/pe/framesFrames: /tpa/preset/system/multimedia/pe/funlayerClipart: /tpa/preset/system/multimedia/pe/clipart

Backup Games n Java Apps

Backup Games and Java Apps

All Java midlets can be backed up by copying the jar and jad files from the phone to your computer.
The jar and jad files at can be found here: /tpa/preset/system/ams
To backup your games, simply copy the jar and jad files in this folder to your computer.The games will need to be reinstalled if you delete them from the phone and then later want to reinstall. You can?t just copy the old files back into the ams folder. But you can use the old jar and jad files you copied from the phone to reinstall the game (the same way you would install a game normally)

Camera sound silence

3. Camera Sounds - Silence
Method 1: Disable Camera Sound completely
The camera sounds come from the files camerashutter.3gp and camerafocus.3gp. If these files don?t exist, the camera is silenced. This means the camera makes no sound even if the phone is not in Silent Mode. You could also delete only camerafocus.3gp for example, if you only want the shutter sound to be heard.
The camera sound files can be deleted from /tpa/preset/system/sound
Method 2: Enable Silent Mode for camera sounds
This method will enable you to disable the camera sounds by turning on Silent Mode. When not in silent mode, camera sounds will operate as normal.
Copy the customize.xml file in /tpa/preset/custom to the computer and make a backup. Open customize.xml in an editor and change the following setting from false to true:
Save the file then delete the existing customize.xml on the phone and copy in the new version.
Important: You will have to do either a settings or master reset before this trick will take effect. Once you do, you will be able to silence the camera on demand, simply by putting the phone into silent mode.

2. Camera Sounds - Change

2. Camera Sounds - Change
The camera sounds depend on the files camerashutter.3gp and camerafocus.3gp. You can change the camera sounds by replacing these files with your own versions. The new sound files must have the same names as the old ones, and be in 3gp format, preferably audio only.
Delete the existing files from /tpa/preset/system/sound and then copy in the new versions.

1. Remove SMS storage limitation

1. Remove SMS storage limitation
You can remove the storage limitation so that you can store more than 500 sms?s. This trick works by changing the sms message store to the tpa folder, where the message limitation is not in force
Copy the file /ifs/settings/messaging/pref_store.txt from the phone to the computer, make a backup, then edit it to read /tpa instead of /smsdata, then delete the file from the phone then copy in the new version.
Now you need to create the message store in the /tpa folder. Create the following folder structure in the /tpa folder:
Restart the phone. You can now stored as many messages as you like ;-)
HOWEVER, in practice you can only store about 1000 messages, beyond and the inbox access becomes painfully slow. In theory you can store 40000 or more.