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Friday, October 12, 2007

1. Remove SMS storage limitation

1. Remove SMS storage limitation
You can remove the storage limitation so that you can store more than 500 sms?s. This trick works by changing the sms message store to the tpa folder, where the message limitation is not in force
Copy the file /ifs/settings/messaging/pref_store.txt from the phone to the computer, make a backup, then edit it to read /tpa instead of /smsdata, then delete the file from the phone then copy in the new version.
Now you need to create the message store in the /tpa folder. Create the following folder structure in the /tpa folder:
Restart the phone. You can now stored as many messages as you like ;-)
HOWEVER, in practice you can only store about 1000 messages, beyond and the inbox access becomes painfully slow. In theory you can store 40000 or more.

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