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Monday, November 5, 2007

iphone killer Sony Ericsson concept by an SE fan.

An Esato forum member known as beta-tester has posted his version of a new Sony Ericsson’s smartphone P3i. The idea is that the device works on new interface for UIQ platform (finger-oriented input). We’ve recently written about leaked pictures from the closed presentation probably demonstrating the interface. Sony Ericsson hasn’t made any official confirmation and its fans are creating the iPhone-style concepts.

Sony Ericsson P3i is equipped with a big touchscreen and has no buttons. In addition the device combines advantages of Cyber-shot cameraphones (5-megapixel camera) and Walkman handsets. But I’d remind you this is just a concept. So time will show what will be the real iPhone killer by Sony Ericsson (if exists).

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