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Friday, October 12, 2007

Flash back from w800 to K750 (R1CA021)

Flash back to K750 (R1CA021)

On popular demand, here is a tutorial to flash back to K750 R1CA021.
This tutorial will help users of K750toW800 R1BC002 OR K750 (Any Firmware) to flash their phone to the best known firmware released on k750 till date …R1CA021.

Files you will need:
1) XS++, download from here: USB flash drivers, (for those who r new to flashing): Firmware files (K750 CID49):FS:
Firmware files for CID36 are also available at
Backup all your contacts, data, etc etc….
Unpack all the downloaded files.

STEP1: Installing USB flash…
If ur flashing for the first time, then u will need to install these… Refer to this for instructions.

STEP2: Flashing FS.Turn off fone and remove sim. Replace battery. Now Open XS++ and connect fone after hitting START as instructed on the left side screen. Check the Flash FilesSytem Tab. Browse and select the files ‘K750_R1CA021_FS_EMEA_6_RED49.fbn’ that u downloaded and unpacked. Now hit flash. After completion, unplug fone, re-insert battery to refresh, and restart XS++.

STEP3: Customizing FS.Again connect fone to XS++ the same way as before. This time check Customize FileSystem . Use the settings: Phone… K750, CDA… 102337/103 EMEA6. now hit FLASH and follow the instructions on the left side screen. Keep your eyes fixed to the left-side screen as it requires plugging and unplugging your phone multiple times within seconds gap! After you’r done, nplug fone and re-insert battery after ur done. Restart XS++.

STEP4: Flashing MAIN.Connect fone to XS++. This time, check Flash Main, browse and select file ‘K750_R1CA021_MAIN_EU_1_CL_RED49.mbn’ that u downloaded. Now hit flash. After completion of the process, unplug fone and close XS++.
Insert SIM and start fone. You are back to K750 R1CA021!!! Congratulations!!!

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