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Latest Updates at AFSES:

-Affordable HSPDA phones introduced.
-New games added (click on 'New Games 2008' in labels)

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Friday, October 12, 2007

MOby Explorer 3 Download

Moby Explorer 3(Moby Explorer 3)Download
Discription* Powerful File Manager with features like Copy/Paste, Rename, Delete, Create Directory, View File Properties, Write Protection of files, Hidden Files* FTP Client with features equivalent of a FTP client on Desktop computers.* File Encryption utility to easily secure your sensitive files using military strength Twofish encryption.* Text Editor which can be used to view and edit text files both locally on the phone and remotely on a FTP server.* Write and view completely secure notes using the built-in text editor which is integrated with the encryption engine.* File Compression utility to save discspace and bandwidth using the GZip/GUnzip tool.* Edit your website using the built in text editor, and then deploy it using the FTP client.* Multiple file management for all the file management features (including the Encryption and GZip features).* MobyExplorer is signed using a Thawte certificate which means no more annoying security prompts when accessing the local file system.