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Friday, October 12, 2007

Delete SE web links

8. Delete SE Web links in user folders

Sony Ericsson or your operator install links at the top of every folder in your phone?s file system to websites with their content. These are pretty useless to most of us, and serve only to clutter up access to our files. The links are stored in two locations within the file system.Firstly, as xml files in folders within /tpa/preset/system/custmenu. For example the folder GAMES_HOOK_1 might contain an xml file pointing to the operator?s game download page, as well as an image used as the icon.Secondly, the links are cached in the files cust_menu_data.dat and cust_menu_done_unpacking.dat that sit in /tpa/preset/system/custmenu.
To get rid of an operator link, you need to delete the folder in custmenu for the relevant link, then delete the files cust_menu_data.dat and cust_menu_done_unpacking.dat.

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