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Friday, October 12, 2007

Access CID49 Filesystem

Now you can access your filesystem on your CID49!!! That means you can customize your fone manually, change drivers, modify the look of your menus and God knows what not!!! Heres how…
Download the FAR manager with pre-installed CID49 plugin here….
Unpack the folder.
As an example, I will show you how to change the speaker sound driver and camera driver for your mobile. Download the new drivers from here….
Copy the new drivers folder in to the FAR manager folder.
The above package includes Super loud speaker driver and Camera driver 7.7 final.

1) Firstly, we need to patch our MAIN firmware to make it compatible with FAR plugin. For this remove SIM and connect your phone with XS++ (or any other flashing program that you use), and check to flash MAIN. Click ‘…’ and browse to the FAR folder and then to Plugins folder. Select the file according to your phone model, in my case, ‘k750w800_r2e_dcu.49r.ssw’ (for K750/W800/W700 CID49) . Now hit flash . 5 flashblocks will be loaded in 5 seconds!!!). Now our MAIN is patched.

2) Close XS++, unplug fone and re-insert battery to refresh. Now open FAR manager program. Press F11 and then select SEFP plugin. in the following screen select… Device:DCU60, Speed: 921600 Boot Script: According to fone model (k750_w800_CID49 in my case). Impatient souls would select k750_w800_CID36 by mistake… so watch out!!! Hehe… Now Enter The MATRIX!!!Connect your fone as we do in flashing… your fone should get detected. after a few seconds, a screen will show you two folders, FLASH and FS.Note that the window is divided into two… the left side represents your phone contents. The right side represents your hard drive contents… currently inside FAR manager folder.

3) Now double click on FS and wait for a couple of minutes till it breaks into your FileSytem. Now you are inside the den!!! All files that govern your fone’s functionality are right before your eyes!!! Before we copy new drivers into your fone, u must create a backup folder for your original drivers (in case you need them). So on the right side (harddrive) of your screen, click anywhere and press F7 to create a new folder. Name it as ‘backup’. On the left side (fone FS) open the folder, ifs>settings>camera… you will see a file named camdriver0.dat. this is your camera driver!!! Click and drag this driver to the backup folder. now, to delete the original driver from fone’s FS, select it and click delete (bottom right of screen) or simply press F8. now goto the ‘new drivers’ folder on hard-drive and drag the file named camdriver0.dat into camera folder on the left, where we had the older file. We have successfully changed the camera driver. Now goto ifs>settings>acoustic. You will find a number of files there. Search for ‘farfield_play.apf’. again, drag this file to backup folder and delete the original from fone. Now drag and drop farfield_play.apf inside the new drivers folder into the fone. We are done with changing the drivers!!!

4) Now, that we are finished with our operations, we need to shutdown the loader. For this keep on clicking ‘..’ (root of folder) until it asks you to shutdown CSFS loader. Click yes and close FAR manager, and unplug fone. Reinsert battery to refresh.

5) The final step is to un-patch the MAIN firmware. Again, open FAR manager program, and connect fone, the same way as before. This time goto FLASH instead of FS. Now your inside FLASH. On the left side, you are in FAR manager folder. goto Plugins folder and then to REST. You see a number of files… with prefix ‘REST_’ followed by your fone’s firmware version. Select the appropriate file of your MAIN firmware (I have a k750 flashed to w800 r1bc002 main so REST_W800_R1BC002 in my case) and drag it to anywhere on the left side. Hit flash. Close FAR manager and unplug your fone. The job is done!!!
Insert SIM and turn on your fone and see the difference for yourselves…
The speaker (not headsets) volume while playing songs on media player is way 2 louder!!! People around you will envy you… especially the TOKIA users.Also note that in the new camera driver, frames per seconds (fps) in viewfinder has increased and autofocus is superfast!!!
Enjoy the new experience…

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