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Friday, October 12, 2007

Camera sound silence

3. Camera Sounds - Silence
Method 1: Disable Camera Sound completely
The camera sounds come from the files camerashutter.3gp and camerafocus.3gp. If these files don?t exist, the camera is silenced. This means the camera makes no sound even if the phone is not in Silent Mode. You could also delete only camerafocus.3gp for example, if you only want the shutter sound to be heard.
The camera sound files can be deleted from /tpa/preset/system/sound
Method 2: Enable Silent Mode for camera sounds
This method will enable you to disable the camera sounds by turning on Silent Mode. When not in silent mode, camera sounds will operate as normal.
Copy the customize.xml file in /tpa/preset/custom to the computer and make a backup. Open customize.xml in an editor and change the following setting from false to true:
Save the file then delete the existing customize.xml on the phone and copy in the new version.
Important: You will have to do either a settings or master reset before this trick will take effect. Once you do, you will be able to silence the camera on demand, simply by putting the phone into silent mode.

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