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Friday, October 12, 2007

Deleting Pre-installed stuff

Deleting Pre-Installed Content and Games

You cannot delete the pre-installed content from the handset itself, but with access to the internal file system you can delete ANY pre-installed content you want. Simply browse to the folder where the preset content is stored and delete it.
Here are the folder locations for the various pre-installed content:
Games: /tpa/preset/system/ams.Games: /tpa/preset/default/javaSounds: /tpa/user/audioSounds: /tpa/preset/default/audioImages: /tpa/user/imageImages: /tpa/preset/default/imageThemes: /tpa/user/themeThemes: /tpa/preset/default/themeVideo: /tpa/user/videoFrames: /tpa/preset/system/multimedia/pe/framesFrames: /tpa/preset/system/multimedia/pe/funlayerClipart: /tpa/preset/system/multimedia/pe/clipart

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