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Friday, December 7, 2007

FInally a tutorial about How to Use XS+ and FAR manager!!

Working with Basic Tools

2 basic tools are enough to do a number of modding in K750/W800i.
• XS++
• FAR Manager

So, now lets learn how to work wih these tools!

Working with XS++
XS++, is a customization tool. This tool can be used to Flash ur fone, with the files, which can help you access programs lke FAR and others. Another main usage of this tool is that, this is used to Flash your fimware. Basically, to work with this tool, all you need is,
• A DCU-60 cable, connected to ur PC
• The files that you are about to Flash
How to make ur phone accesible by XS++:
1. First, Switch off the fone.
2. Hold the ‘C’ button of ur fone and connect the USB cable to ur fone.
3. A “New Device Found” message ll be displayed. This device is the USB FLASH DEVICE.
4. Now, select “Yes, this time only” from the list of options.
5. In the next screen, select “ Install from a list or specific location”
6. In the next screen, “include this location in the search”
7. Now,” browse” the folder SONY ERICSSON, u ve downloaded from the net and go to USB Flash
Drivers folder and select the USB file from there.
8. Now, your fone can be flashed with XS++.
9. Close all the applications.

How to make your phone accessible by FAR:
1. Now, open XS++.
2. Hit start.
3. Press and hold the ‘C’ button and connect the data cable to your phone.
4. On the left side,you will be able to see all the info’s like CID, FIRMWARE, CDA etc.
5. Now, tick “Flash Main Firmware” present in the right hand side of the screen.
6. Now click the ‘…’ button (browse) and go to the folder, that you have downloaded(i.e the files which you want to transfer to the phone).
7. In the folder, go to Far -> Plugins -> k750w800_r2e_dcu.49r.ssw.
8. Now hit FLASH.
9. Your phone will be flashed and XS++ wil display FLASHING SUCCESSFUL or either hang.
10. You pone is now ready to be accessed with FAR.

Working with FAR:
1. Now that you have carried out the things as mentioned above, let’s see how to work with FAR
2. Open FAR from the downloaded folder and hit F11 on the keyboard.
3. This will bring up a popup window called, Plugin Commands.
4. Now, hit S in ur keyboard to select the SEFP plugin.
5. Here, you have 3 columns. Set Ur
• Device - DCU-60
• Speed - 921600
• Boot Script- K750_W800_CID 49. (If ur phone’s CID is 36, select K750_W800_CID 36).
7. Now, connect your phone, holding ‘C’ button, as you did before.
8. Now, you will see the window divided into two halves. The left side is your phone’s and at the right side is your hard disks.
9. On the left side, you will see two options, to get into your phone. FLASH, FS.
10. Flash, deals with patching, unpatching and reloading the the firmware after customizing FS.
11. FS deals with ur File System. Knowing the roots, you can mod the drivers and stuff.
12. After all, its very important to shutdown the loader. For this keep on clickin the ‘…’ in the top left hand side window of FAR. This will take you back to the prev screens and finally confirmation to shutdown will be asked. Click Yes.
13. And finally, after everything is done, shutdown the loader. Open FAR again and connect the fone to it. Now, select FLASH from the menu. On the right side, go to FAR -> PLUGINS-> REST -> [Your firmware. Mine is K750i/ R1Ca021. so, I'll select rest_K750_R1CA021]
And that’s all about Modding your phone with FAR!!

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chaitu said...

Hi dude i'm not understand how to reload my sony ericsson k610 phone software my phone with in seconds restarting and sometimes not opening please guide me how to reload software t my phone.