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Friday, December 7, 2007

Tutorials:Change internal graphics of your SE phone and Radio without hands-free.

Change internal graphics of your phone.
Use this patch:
Get the graphics from:

What to do next is:
Go to phone memory/pictures.
Create a folder name gfx.
copy all the sysgfx inside this gfx folder.
Restart your phone.

Radio hands-free patch:
Use this patch:

(You must be familiar to how to use patch files.)

Obviously we need an antenna for reciever.
so we are going to use any small metal part to act as antenna like aluminium chocolate foil, bike key, jump clip, a wire bit at the second pin from left of our data interface
(The place were we connect our charger/headset, there will be totally 12 pins and the 3nd corresponds to the FM antenna)
Place it such that it is not disturbed and then your phone will play FM without headset!!

(Thanks to Avish)

1 comment:

salim wakil said...

hi, how do you access the 'patch' files? some help would be appreciated.