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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Use My Phone explorer to store unlimited messages.

My phone explorer is a free software.You can find it easily through google search.Using it you can store unlimited messages in your phone!!

1. Start My Phone Explorer
2. Go to 'Messages' in the program.
3. Press the 'synchronise' button.
4. Select one file, then CTRL+A.
5. Right mouse click.
6. Export/Import -> Save as website on memorystick.
7. Select a name for the .html file (you can give any name)
8. Disconnect your phone and USB.
9. Go to File Manager on your phone.
10. Press 5 or go to Webpages.
11. Open Saved pages.
12. Chose a .html file.
13. Watch it! But.. Having tons of msgs, ll of course reduce the speed! Do care 'bout it!!Again,~ ~ ~ ~ Happy Messaging ~ ~ ~ ~

(compiled by Varun)

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