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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Store unlimited messages in your phone(for people familiar with flashing)

Tools Required:
1. USB Flash Drivers
2. DCU-60 Cable (The cable gn generally wid K750i/W800i)
3. XS++ (A tool to customize yur fone)
4. FAR Manager (Tool to crack your fone, get into the software part of ur fone)
1. First check the CID version of ur fone. There are two versions, CID 36 (a bit older one) and CID 49.

Your version of CID may not be compatible wid the version of FAR or SEFP plugin, given in here. So, u may ve to patch ur fone, to make it compatible with the gn version of FAR and so the SEFP plugin.Remove your SIM and connect the phone to the USB cable, pressing and holding the 'C' button on ur fone, after clicking START in the XS++ window.Now, tick the Flash Main Firmware and hit the '...'[Path finder] button. There, select FAR--> FAR Plugins --> k750w800_r2e_dcu.49r.ssw, which u ve downloaded.After doin this, hit FLASH. Yur fone ll be flashed and will wither hang or display a msg, 'Flashing Successful'.

3. For both CID 36/CID 49
Now, u ve to breakthru the software part of ur fone. For this, open FAR manager. Hit F11. Select SEFP from the list shown.U ll now be taken to the SE Flash Pluign(SEFP) window. Here, u have 3 options. Select the following...
Device : DCU - 60Speed : 921600Boot Script : (Pl be careful here. Select according to ur CID version. Assuming that ur fone's CID Version is 49,) k750_w800_CID49
Now hit "Enter the Matrix".
Now connect ur fone holding the 'C' button, and insert the data cable.

4. U re inside ur Fone:
Here, u ll find ur window divided into two halves. The left part of the window shows the files of yur fonr and the right side shows the files in ur PC.
Now double click FS (File System) and wait till it hacks ur fone.
now follow this path .. ifs -> settings -> Messaging.
Here u ll find a file "pref_store.txt"
Hit F4 to edit the file. U ll find '/smsdata' written there by default. Change it to '/tpa'
Now hit F2 to save and F10 to quit editing.

5. Finalizing
You re done with the oprn. u now need to shut down the FAR Manager. For this, keep on clicking '...', which u l find in the top of the left side of the window, untill it asks to shutdown the loader. Click Yes and quit the manager.

6. Only for CID 49
Now, u ll have to remove the patch u ve applied. Again open FAR Manager and connect the fone in the same way as mentioned above.
This time, go to FLASH instead of FS.
At the right, go to plugins foler -> REST. Select the appropriate firmware u ve. I have w800i r1b002 ,loaded into my fone. so, select file REST_W800_R1BC002 and drag it to the left hand side screen, drop it over there. From the window that top ups, select 'Copy'. U ll again C another window. Hit FLASH. Close FAR Manager ...

Insert SIM and njoy unlimited SMS storage!!
~ ~ Happy Messaging ~ ~

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