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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Flashing K550i to W610i using XS++

Flashing K550i to W610i using XS++
(Tutorial from se-tuning and se-nse forums)
This guide will help u convert your k550i into a Cybershot-Walkman Phone !!
Flash k550 to w610 easily and also make it the coolest phone out there in the crowd !
Then u will have w610i
k550i+w610i best of both worlds and popularly know as Cybershot-Walkman
Flash at your own risk ! I don't know if this voids your warranty !
many say it does voids warranty
my idea in that case is flash back to k550

A Word of Caution !

Its very unlikely and rare that your your phone might get damaged !
In case of your bad luck am not responsible ! i don't want to be shameful !
READ Safety TIPS at the end FIRST !!!

This tutorial is general.. all flashing and hacks can be used for any db2020 CID52 phones
but u need the FS and MAIN of the phone that u want to flash to..
examples K550, K610, K790, K800, V630, W830, W850, W610, W710, W880, Z610, Z710 W660 etc
for examples digitzen flashed his s500 to w580i by following this tutorial !!

Don't get scared that this tutorial is really long !
Just flash in W610i Main w610i FS and Customize it ! you will have a wonderful new phone w610i
just ignore those lots and lots of updates !! they are all hacking and modding !
but if you have the time and interest then go ahead and read the entire thread !
plzz do report broken links if u find any...

Table of Content !!

1. Tools Needed
2. Updating Phone
3. Backup Of GDFS
4. Flashing to w610i
5. Flash Menus
6. How to use FSX
7. Acoustics
8. Camera Drivers
9. Walkman Skins
10. Flash Wallpaper
11. Lots of other updates
12. Safety Tips
13. FAR MANAGER[url=]

I have flashed my k550i to w610i appropriately and now i hv
1) cybershot camera drivers
2) Walkman 2 player with megabass
3) Flash menus
4) w880 acoustics

Picture quality does not decrease !! So don't Worry !

Cons: Camera does not start automatically when u open the shutter
u hv to press the cam button after opening shutter.

EDIT: You can get all files necessary at this website and other good stuff on IPROTEBE

Link to IPROTEBE in English :

registration on iprotebe will take abt 1 it for lots of goodies..

the guide :


Tools needed :

Your phone and the data cable that comes with k550i !!
Windows XP Service Pack2

SEUS : Sony Ericsson Update Service ( TO UPDATE YOUR K550 TO CID52 )

Latest SEUS updated . 16-10-2007

XS++ v 2.2

w610i Main

w610i FS..! ( what follows down is w610i Europe Central FS )

Cust pack.. for Cent Europe FS

or an FS for your region...

0: backup all contacts !! ( find a way, there are many ways, if u dont know stop right here this tut is not for u ) yes back up everything in phone..ur ringtones etc.etc

1. First update your phone via SEUS.

this is easy just follow the on screen instructions given by SEUS program !
Reason XS++ supports CID52 flashing and SEUS will update your phone to CID52
don't worry this is absolutely safe and works great ! and this does not void warranty
If your phone is updated then SEUS will says its already updated.. this is the case with all new k550i sold in august and there after ! ppl who got phones before july will hv EROM CID 51 phone !
Installing SEUS is compulsary even if your phone is updated ! because it install drivers required for flashing which XS++ will use !
( if you get that Flash Player not installed message then check this post ! )
Backup of GDFS ! ( to be done only after updating phone )

Now u can use XS++ 2.2 to backup GDFS..

Backup GDFS only After You Have Updated your phone to CID52 ..!

best place to download XS++ is se-nse.. so do register on se-nse..
now its the flashing heaven.. u can't miss that forum !

Connect phone..
Shutdown phone .. Reinsert battery ! Remove SIM and M2..
Start XS++
Click on connect in XS++
holding C connect phone to USB cable ! don't leave C untill XS++ says ready for operation !

In configuration select GDFS..
Click Backup GDFS...!
wait for few seconds..!! you get your GDFS back up file !
Keep the GDFS safely !!!!
Backup GDFS only for the first time !!

Done !!

Flashing Main :

2. Now the real flashing
Turn off your phone. Start XS++ . Select USB
Remove the SIM and Memory Card . Reinsert battery.
Click on connect in XS++ and then holding C ( as in SEUS update ) connect your phone to the USB cable ( with in 30 seconds )
it gets detected then release the C key
The left screen will display your phone details including your firmware version

EROM CID should be CID52. OTP CID should be 51. ( Your Phone Must satisfy this condition for flashing )

now in configuration, select flash. In the new screen, check on Flash Main Firmware Click ‘…’ and select the firmware file

( keep other options unchecked)

hit the flash button and relax !! it will show finished after loading
when done Exit XS++ and disconnect phone........
well u can now start your phone no problems( insert sim first) will start
now again plzz shut down and remove sim

Now Flashing FS:

now restart XS++...reinsert battery...remove sim
connect the phone ( usual method holding c key etc etc )

now select this FS 'W610_R6BC002_FS_CENT_EUROPE_RED52.fbn'
( unrar it first and get the .fbn file )

check flash FS option !!
keep other option unchecked and hit flash !!
after its done just restart xs++ and reinsert battery

this time u can't start u r phone u will get an error because if your flash FS then you must customize it and that's what is our next step... relax. !

Different FS have Different language files and T9 dictionary files .. and everything else is the same

You must use the FS that has your language.. English is present in all FS by default..!

Now this is a list of what FS has what language..

FS language list... !!

and Cent Europe FS has following languages.. EN CS HU PL and SK.... ( EN is eglish and so on )
if lucky u might have one here see it !! if u not getting an FS...just ask me..!
has got following languages. English, Indonesian-Bahasar, Malay, Philippine-Tagalog, Vietnamese, Chinese simplified
T9: English only !!

You can flash both Main and FS together in one go...!!
now finally customization

download a cust pack from hgetis collection..! if not available for your region... then ask for it..!
i shall creat one for you !!

connect phone ( usual process )
unzip the customization pack ( use the cust pack which goes with the FS of your choice or create one which is very easy )

you will find a folder named "tpa" in it

now in xs++ directory on PC, in the directory where u have xs++.exe create a new folder named "own_custpack"

copy the "tpa" folder into this "own_custpack" folder the path of custom files should be like own_custpack/tpa/preset/custom...

open xs++ and connect fone check only customize file system

now under phone model select 'Own Custpack'
under CDA and Region, select '/own_custpack'

now hit flash...
now in few seconds custom files will be added to your phone and done
Start your phone !! Wait for some time !!


You Can Flash Only Main and leave it.. and be on the k550i FS !! This Good for people who are unable to find FS for their Region and Langauge !!
Or People who don' t know how to add languages to FS ( which is tricky )

By Flashing Main You get everything .. Just that you must then separately flash skins and flash menu and nothing else...!
Because FS contains only Media Contents Acoustics Drivers etc .. Which is same for both phones .. But w610i FS has different ringtones and wallpapers..that's all and no difference.
if u flashed only main then your phone says k550i in phone status.. but u flash w610i then its always identified as w610i and also shown as w610i in many places !

But XS++ 2.2 will always identify your phone as k550i .. its because every phone has unique IMEI number ! Even SEUS will identify your phone as k550i because they know very well what IMEI number is what phone..!

Its RECOMMENDED to Flash both W610i Main and W610i FS !

For more hacks and customizations keep checking out Se-Nse and this post !

IMPORTANT : don't forget to get original hpm 70 or Creative EP 630 earphones or better
(its ridiculous to expect a very big leap in music quality without good earphones)

Basic tutorial ends here !! Hacking and modding begins now but do read safety tips ! its one of last updates !!

.................................................. .................................................. .....................................

Flash Menus:
( do this later...after u done flashing main fs and custpack after u seen ur phone work nicely and after )

inside the own_custpack folder create a new folder named flash
here exactly tpa/preset/system/desktop/

so that u hv own_custpack/tpa/preset/system/desktop/flash/**** .swf files here****

inside this 'flash' folder copy the swf files only
then open XS++ and use customization
upload the same way u uploaded customization files.. ( using breakxs wayin setting as usual )

here are the flash and non flash themes ( the ones that come with w610i for more read post no 27 )
remember seperate the .swf and .thm in the rar file given below and send only the .swf files using xs++
copy the .thm files as usually u do in file transfer mode when phone is woking in normal conditions

these 3 flash menus are for ppl who flashed with k550i FS and w610i Main
if u flashed with w610i FS and w610 Main then u already have these 3 in your phone

More Flash Menus


.................................................. .................................................. .....................................

UPDATE : How to USE FSX ! Must Read !!

Using FSX in XS++ v 2.2 !

Copy files to files_to_upload directory as required..!!

the video is for XS++ 1.6.8 ( but watch it even for v 2.2 users ) !!
the following video is only 4 MB download !!
the video shows how to flash...see this video and proceed
learn how to use FSX....its important because its a nice way to upload files to phone's File System !!
The only difference is the wayin selection has been removed.. for XS++ 2.x

UPDATE : Acoustics

w880 acoustics
download w880 originals : very good quality

Xearo Ma lout hv quality and loudness and superb mega bass !
xearo ma loud acoustic : loud and awesome megabass

upload the acoustic files to this folder
files_to_upload/ifs/settings/acoustic/**** zapf files here ****

and flash it...using FSX....see the video about how to flash with FSX option in XS++
u can use any zapf acoustics... not apf acoustics

xadro ma loud are even better..! tested by rutwik.. so guys who want loudness and also great thump.. use xaero ma loud !
people who don't like loud acoustics try out w880 acoustics !

New Acoustics ! The JPx Pack !

this acoustic is just based on the persons who actually modded the acoustic files of the k800i & k810i phones.

Download JPx Pack

Description of Acoustic Mix (JPx):
1. Original W850 acoustic
2. Applied Xaero_maloud acoustic files
3. Applied Ego farfield play acoustic files
4. Applied PedroPS extreme Loud call (fix) file
5. Applied Asash MEGABASS acoustic files

Also follow the MANUAL equalizer setting of PedroPS (16_9_11_16_14)


1. Nice overall sound, crisp, clear, no hissing during headset or loadspeaker play. (Not that high and too trebelish like sunfirev7)
2. Higher volume for SMS and ringtone alerts
3. Higher volume of front speaker during calls
4. Superb BASS
now the phone is a music monster..... just hope that all take good care of god given wonderful ears !!
the bass of hpm 70 is stunning.. !! especially with properly closed ears with appropriate earbuds !

UPDATE : Camera Drivers

WARNING !! 3 ppl got cam damaged after using extreme cam drivers... other have not had problems with cam drivers... but many have not damaged camera after using new cam mods...

now i hope you are lucky !!!!

location : files_to_upload/ifs/settings/camera/***camera driver file here****

drivers v2.4 chris067 at esato
( highly improved video recording )
details of mods

1. VR is set to 24 fps instead of 10 fps
2. Fine quality settings :
all pictures , compression is set from 85% to 95%
1632x1224 size, quality improved
3. Sharpening set to maximum
4. Tested and works good.

this driver works fine...
i highly recommened u to follow its discussion on here in esato !!!

cam drivers by number1 at se-nse
increased buffer and image sizes (plz note not tested )

UPDATE: Walkman 2 Skins

download here

use FSX...just put the folder TPA from the archieve to files_to_upload

don't preview the skins in files_to_upload folder
extract them to some other place and see them there...because if u check them out then windows will create thumbs.db files in each of the skins folder ! and u don't want to upload junk to your phone's FS !

Some Information : u have to place skin folders in TPA\SYSTEM\MULTIMEDIA\MP\SKIN\**skin folder here**
and each skin folder contians details of that skins... but its already done in and compressed in rar...
just unrar it and upload it..

more skins here

Guess what ?? We can also have Flash walkman Skins

This will require a bit of modding on your behalf
edit the .xml in skin folder


and replace playview_background.swf with ur fav .swf background..!

only problem is that the player is a little slower with swf background

Update : Lots of Flash Wallpapers !!

download flash wallpapers from here and copy them to Memory card using data cable !!
no flashing needed and then in phone set it as wallpaper as u do normally with jpg or gif;#entry162706

UPDATE: only for phone with w610i Main and k550i FS

( In such a phone u won't have radio option in Half of the Flash Menus )
but u will have the radio option in Menu when using Normal Theme...

While using flash menu in (k550i FS and w610i Main phone) u wont have the radio option in the phone.... ( ignore this if you flashed completely to Walkman !)
upload this MENU.ML using own_custpack method ( with break XS settings again ) to this directory ( give also is k550i file...if u want to revert back then rename it as and up it in its place back )

TPA\PRESET\SYSTEM\MENU\*** file here ***

the file

or esnips link

other method is that u shld create a shortcut to ur phone's radio while using normal themes and then apply a flash theme and u can get to the radio using that shortcut keyy

UPDATE: Some Information : U can flash only the MAIN and use the phone !! there is actually no need to flash FS at all
u will have the original stock old k550i FS....
and enjoy cybershot walkman with k550i FS and latest w610i MAIN but that k550i FS is old !! coz u did not flash the latest that's all !

Update: Get Rid Of Sony Ericsson Links

while flashing customization delete all .itm files and send only those Customize.xml and preloaded_config.xml
find them in the customization pack in tpa/preset/custom/
this way u won't have Sony Ericsson links all over the phone in games apps pics themes etc !! i hope u guys get it

or otherwise there is an option in XS++ saying Don't upload SE wap links in Customize File System Option.. just check it !

UPDATE : Very Cool one !!

Download Content from Sony Ericsson Wesbite : Learn here !!!

UPDATE : Convert Non-Flash Theme to Flash Themes

google 7zip and tugzip and download them
download instructions here 1.12 MB download

u can use winrar or tugzip to unzip it but u hv to change the extension of file frm .thm to .tar which u can't do unless u hv show extensions enabled in windows !
u can add it to tar achieve only using tugzip the ones done with 7zip don't work well !
google search and download tugzip and 7zip ...
Easier method : Use MyThemesCreator by to create flash menu !!

UPDATE : here is a tutorial on how to extract the contents of FS

incase u could not download main2raw and SEFStool from the links given in that tut then google search and download from alternate locations and i think they must be available on iprotebe also
if u extract the FS of w610i u can get walkman skins at this location TPA\SYSTEM\MULTIMEDIA\MP\SKIN have a look at them and see if u can create such skins !

yes u can get the drivers in the FS and have a look at them also and see if u can modify them
u can keep those drivers as backup...

UPDATE : Get Rid Of...... !

The ring tones Greeting, Brooklyn D, Awakening always enter the playlist and irritate us
just delete Awakening, Brooklyn D them from the phone !

Greeting.mp3 this can't be deleted normally !
Use FSX to delete ! just add this file to delete list !
its location is \tpa\user\music\greeting.mp3

incase u really like those ringtone and want them
download them and copy to memory card.. this time in ringtone folder not in music folder !!

UPDATE : Not Getting the FS for k550i and w610i of your choice ??

Don't worry !! the only difference in FS is language files and of course some preloaded settings of Operator WAP and MMS settings that's!!

So U need to get your language files and its t9 dictionary file and upload it to the phone FS and enable that language !
get your language files form any SE phone may be for k800 or w810i or any phone.... here is the download list of many FS files

Using this list find out in which FS u might get ur language files

Get the FS and extract its contents and get the language files and upload it your phone... i have given the link to the tut about how to extract contents from an FS file !

then upload the files using XS++ to \TPA\PRESET\SYSTEM\LANGUAGE\** here **

the files u need to upload is EN.LNG and EN.T9 for english
if ur your language code is XY then get that XY.LNG and XY.T9 file and upload it..

then edit that customize.xml in notepad to enable your language ( which is very easy once u look into it.. as its not a big file.. contains max of 20 lines )

This Method to add new language works very well !! Verifed by jommarn on this forum !
Thank to him !!!!


As of now we have only 3 default ! U can edit the .avx and make new ones !
u can find them in

.avx files in \TPA\PRESET\SYSTEM\multimedia\AV
starting image file in \TPA\PRESET\SYSTEM\multimedia\AV_DATA

!!! change the start image to get new ones !!
as of now its know that there are only 2 effects lines and wrapping !
for more read this thread !;#entry167156

if u hv k550i flashed with w610i main and k550i FS then flash them to the locations mentioned above using custpack method !


Don't flash corrupt main into your phone ! XS++ flashing process may be get stuck in between !
if XS++ gets stuck in between then your phone is dead for good !
So Use the Generic Main given here which is tested and works !!

Keep the battery at 90-100 % charge...!! This is necessary...

A Physics Lesson : As battery charge goes down the potential across the terminals falls down...!! Its Obvious from conservation of energy . Enjoy You learned something new !! Lesson ends..!

While using XS++ don't load your computers processor !!
Your Computer should not hang in between !!
And also Power should not shutdown !! ( i mean computer must not shutdown )

In case of phone's death and u have to write your own phone's GDFS !! writing some other phone's GDFS will fail !!!!

before writing GDFS always ask for expert advice...! or ur phone might die beyond repair !! its then just a brick ! only Sony Ericsson or hopefully some one else like woton and davinci ....can then help u .. and they are going to charge... only SE can create a new GDFS for u..

in case u did not backup GDFS and phone dies... goto SE service center !!

now its come to light that one of our users has damaged his GDFS !! hence.. plzz backup gdfs !
generally this does not happen
don't be scared ! instead be Careful !!

we all now have awesomely amazing phones !! don't u want one ??

You can use XS++ any number of times... ok now that does not mean you use it 100 times a day in 365 days a year on the same phone.. !

Removing the SIM Card is not at all necessary while using XS++ !!
But that u reinsert battery after every succesive flash is very important ! if your remove your sim card ensures that you have reinserted battery !!
incase u forgot to reinsert battery ! your phone won't start ! reinsert battery and start ! it should start this time !

And You can Flash Main FS and Custpack all in one Go ( direct from k550i to w610i in one go ) ! which would be better and is recommended !
but if u want to start your phone after every operation then u should not flash all three in one go..
How to Revert back to k550i !

There are 2 ways !

1) Use XS++ 2.2 and flash both k550i Main and k550i FS
2) Use SEUS to flash k550i Main and XS++ 2.2 to flash k550i FS

But i recommend u to flash back k550i Main using XS++ 2.2 becasue in case CID53 update is released for k550i then in future u can't use XS++ anymore ! becasue XS++ does not support CID53

And u will have to wait for months for XS++ to support CID 53 flashing !!

.................................................. .................................................. ....................................


Please Take Pictures Before Flashing and Pictures of same things After Flashing !!

And Upload for Comparison !!! Thank you !


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