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Friday, November 30, 2007

Goin the MOTORAZR way? SE w380a...

Sony Ericsson will soon launch its w380a with design and features almost a copy of MOTORAZR. Though SE has tried everything to make it a cut above (and hopefully it will be so),is SE going the moto way? Lets wait and watch...

The Sony Ericsson W380a Walkman phone lets users to control the music to without needing to open the phone. Skip forward or backwards between tracks or pause the music effortlessly. One-touch buttons on the top of the phone light up when the Walkman player is switched on and a hidden display comes to life, providing track information at a glance. The W380a also offers TrackID to tag a clip from the phone's radio (or any external source) and find out instantly who sings it, what it's called and which album it's from. Once the song has been identified, users can get it onto their phone in just a few clicks via PlayNow. Or browse through the latest full-length music tracks, mobile games, MP3 ringtones and wallpapers.

Image>>>>Top:SE w380a

Sony Ericsson W380a Features (From
Offers easy-touch music controls and current track information on the outside
Music buttons on the outside reacts to the touch of a fingertip to play, pause and skip tracks
Control the phone without touching it via Gesture Control by using a hand to call the shots; simply move a hand above the phone to mute an incoming call or put the alarm clock on snooze
Make memories accessible by snapping pictures with the 1.3-megapixel camera, then publish it on a blog in an instant or simply share the images via a picture messsage

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