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Wednesday, October 17, 2007



HID is short for Human Interface Device. This is a technology used by Bluetooth devices. When a device is HID compatible, this means that you can control the said device using Bluetooth. There are various HIDs available for the PC which controls various types of software. For example, the HID for Media Player allows you to control Media Player in your PC using your phone via Bluetooth.

HID Name : iTunes
HID Function : Controls iTunes

HID Name : My Winamp HID
HID Function : Controls WinAmp

HID Name : Firefox
HID Function : Controls Firefox

HID Name : Windows Media Player & TV Tool HID
HID Function : Controls Windows Media Player and a TV Tool

HID Name : DScaler_K750
HID Function : Controls DScaler - for watching TV on PC with TV card


(copy-paste link in browser)

-Bluetooth Dongle

Just Transfer the HID files to the mobile. Then goto Entertainment - Remote Control - select de HID file u want winamp - 2 control it as a remote... even u can control the desktop , can play powerpoint shows even u can use it as wireless joystick in de games but itz very hard 2 use it....

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